Delicate Yet Bold, a Brief Poem

A flower bold yet delicate, This one unique, not duplicate… A bloom sublime, Worth every rhyme… The beauty here so definite. The Dahlia is one of my favorite flowers. The blooms so full and elegant. Native to Mexico, I am glad there are varieties that can grow as far north as Ohio. This one picturedContinue reading “Delicate Yet Bold, a Brief Poem”

An Agreement of Foes, A Short Story

The knight entered the audience chamber, an upbeat tempo to his pace. “The dragon shall cause us no more dismay, my Queen“, he stated, stopping to bow before her. “So the dragon is slain then?”, She inquired. “No my Queen, we have settled our disputes, however, and the beast has agreed to leave the kingdom.”Continue reading “An Agreement of Foes, A Short Story”

Dancing Dragons, A Lovely Cheerful Poem

In the middle of this place, Several dragons dance… See here now their tight embrace, A look of pure romance… Sensual and colors bright, A joyful lovely scene… On display in full sunlight, Upon a stage of green. These are actually some snapdragons that my wife had planted in an area we’re calling our butterflyContinue reading “Dancing Dragons, A Lovely Cheerful Poem”

Anyone Can Read This Poem

‘Anyone’ should be a word that anyone can use, But sadly it did not fit in, with my daily muse… So here I am to write this post, it’s just a short lament, Of how I failed this gracious host, it wasn’t my intent! Ah, the fun of rhyming. I’ve always enjoyed it immensely. IContinue reading “Anyone Can Read This Poem”