An Agreement of Foes, A Short Story

The knight entered the audience chamber, an upbeat tempo to his pace.

“The dragon shall cause us no more dismay, my Queen“, he stated, stopping to bow before her.

“So the dragon is slain then?”, She inquired.

“No my Queen, we have settled our disputes, however, and the beast has agreed to leave the kingdom.”

“You made an agreement with that foul thing, on MY behalf! And you come here expecting praise?! If I didn’t fear the dragons betrayal, t’would be your head for this!”

Unshaken, the knight looked up. “You are the payment.”

With that, the dragon burst into the chamber, scooped the queen into his talons and with a nod to the night, flew off into the darkness.

The knight ascended the dias and seated himself on the throne. I could get used to this, he thought to himself.

The end.

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Thank you to rauschenberger @pixabay for the knight and dragon image

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: upbeat

Word of the Day Challenge: Queen

Jim Sponseller – – 2019

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  1. Reading your about page, great! I always thought blacksmithing was interesting and wanted to try it. That and welding, artistic welding.

  2. Yeah, they can be quite enjoyable…working on finding/assembling a suitable shop so I can smith during the winters here too. Thank you for reading! 🙂

  3. Thanks for checking here too.

  4. The knight’s betrayal. Good story.

  5. Thank you! I think I rushed that part a bit though. Glad you enjoyed it!

  6. Ah the pieces from history!

  7. Yeah, I imagine such betrayal played out many times throughout history. Thank you for reading!

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