Can I Ride Your Pony?, A Flash Fiction

“Can I ride your pony?”, asked the little girl. “Excuse me? Little girl, this is no pony. I’ll have you know this is one of the finest horse specimen in Europe.”, the officer replied. “And we do not give rides.”, he added. “She sure is a pretty pony.”, the girl went on, “Daddy says I’mContinue reading “Can I Ride Your Pony?, A Flash Fiction”

Woman In The Mirror, A Limerick Today

Most days in the mirror, I peer, And at times, a woman appears, She screams rather shrill, Which makes me quite ill, Still I say, ‘Good Morning, my dear.’ ————— A little humorous limerick for todays Monstrous Halloween prompt: A woman in the mirror screams when you look in This is no reflection of myContinue reading “Woman In The Mirror, A Limerick Today”

Skeleton In The Closet, A Limerick

Opened my closet to get out some pants, That’s when I saw it oh my what’s the chance, A skeleton bare, Was just standing there, Seems he had died while in dance. Written for prompt #14 of Monstrous Halloween,You open your closet to find an actual skeleton, how did it get there?  I guess itContinue reading “Skeleton In The Closet, A Limerick”

Galactic Golf Emporium, A Twittering Tale

Welcome to Galactic Golf Emporium! You’ll find all of your golfing gear for all of your golfing needs! Hurry in today for our astronomically great deals. Low low prices you have to observe with your own eyes! Tee off to greatness, improve your game. Your black hole in one awaits! ————– 280 characters I knowContinue reading “Galactic Golf Emporium, A Twittering Tale”