Race To The Stars, A Lofty Poem

Clouds within reach, yet still growing tall, Still green and lush, despite coming fall… A race between friends, on their way to the sky, No matter who wins, both reaching quite high… And after that, raise higher their bars, Their wishful thoughts, to reach the bright stars… One way to success, set the bar aheadContinue reading “Race To The Stars, A Lofty Poem”

Like Ripples In A Pond, A Poem

A single act of kindness, can spread profoundly wide… Like ripples in a pond, which can reach the other side… This simple gift to others, can come right from the heart… Even just a smile, can be the kindest start… Don’t sit there quite myopic, in selfish revelry… But take to mind this topic, andContinue reading “Like Ripples In A Pond, A Poem”

Birds of a Feather Flocking Poem

Gregarious, Birds of a feather… Flying straight south, A flock together… No room for others, Not even some ducks… Nor any raptors, And nothing that clucks! I always enjoy watching the geese fly by in the spring and fall with their effective and very recognizable ‘V’ pattern. Though I wish they wouldn’t stay so muchContinue reading “Birds of a Feather Flocking Poem”

Into My Web A Warning Poem

Clemency not granted, If you come into my home… For here a trap I’ve planted, Catching victims on the roam… Any small vibration, Will call me close to you… And without hesitation, I will pounce and kill you too! Spiders are often cast in antagonistic roles in fiction and it is pretty easy to seeContinue reading “Into My Web A Warning Poem”