Work In Progress – Flower – Violet Star

I am really liking the current piece I am working on, pictured above. A violet flower shaped as a 5 pointed star done in soft pastel. I still have a bit of work to do cleaning up some edges and placing some detail of the flower and a bit of cleanup on the background butContinue reading “Work In Progress – Flower – Violet Star”

Dianthus, Another Day…

Our dianthus flowers are blooming strong right now. Really adds some color to our butterfly garden. I snapped this photo just yesterday early afternoon. On the art endeavor front, I recently picked up some graphite pencils and blending stomp, a few charcoal pencils to go with some pastels, and some pastel paper. I hope toContinue reading “Dianthus, Another Day…”

What Worth Has A Rose?

Pictured here is the first open bloom of a rose bush my children picked out for my wife this past Mother’s day. She had mentioned she wanted a rose bush and our oldest daughter knows Mommy’s favorite color is yellow, so a yellow rose bush it is. I decided to draw this rose for someContinue reading “What Worth Has A Rose?”

Initial Morning Rays, A Petally Poem

Initial light of the day reveals, this petal menagerie… So varied and sweet, these flowers look neat… Here drinking the mornings rays. Another set of snap dragons in our back garden. I really think these are beautiful with the range of variation in the petals. I tend to prefer that over solid color blooms mostContinue reading “Initial Morning Rays, A Petally Poem”