Berries of Red

Little red berries seen dangling about, With quite darker branches, they rather stand out… Along with the leaves, of this red colored tree, You may find them dancing, tethered yet free… One day they will tumble, and leave this tree bare, The better through winter, for this tree to fare… But here in this moment,Continue reading “Berries of Red”


Purple petunias proudly project peaceful poses… Each exudes exceptional elegance… Amazing aromas abound all around… Captivating calm colorful creations… Enlighten everyone each examination. Originally wrote these words in 2017 but given we can all use more Peace in our lives, I decided to share again. Thank you for reading, Jim Sponseller – – 2021

My Quiet Place

Water trickling further down, Making such a calming sound… Dancing droplets lost in play, Washing all my cares away… Calm within and calm without, My quiet place I dream about. A quiet place is such a helpful thing to have. A place to think, a place to feel, and a place to relax. Even whenContinue reading “My Quiet Place”

Missing the Sun, A Marigold’s Lament – Poem and FOTD

Missing the sun,Seasons now change,What have I done?Seems rather strange…Rays now are less,Replaced by these leaves,Feeling more stress,Come back soon please…Wondering now,Can I make it much more,I don’t know how,Chilled to the core…Just one more glance,As I’m fading away,Crossed the expanse,No more to say. As I was thinking about the picture above being one ofContinue reading “Missing the Sun, A Marigold’s Lament – Poem and FOTD”