Dianthus, Another Day…

Our dianthus flowers are blooming strong right now. Really adds some color to our butterfly garden. I snapped this photo just yesterday early afternoon. On the art endeavor front, I recently picked up some graphite pencils and blending stomp, a few charcoal pencils to go with some pastels, and some pastel paper. I hope toContinue reading “Dianthus, Another Day…”

What Worth Has A Rose?

Pictured here is the first open bloom of a rose bush my children picked out for my wife this past Mother’s day. She had mentioned she wanted a rose bush and our oldest daughter knows Mommy’s favorite color is yellow, so a yellow rose bush it is. I decided to draw this rose for someContinue reading “What Worth Has A Rose?”

Dahlia, Flower Of The Day

This year was the first my wife and I planted any Dahlia bulbs. The results were well worth it! Such a beautiful bloom on these flowers. I may have to use this photo for a poem or two. I hope you enjoyed this Flower of the Day for Cee’s Challenge Thanks for stopping in andContinue reading “Dahlia, Flower Of The Day”