Like Lava In The Sky, A Fiery Poem

The sky is filled with molten gold, A scene that never quite seems old… With touches of red like some cooling flows, Of white hot lava, a wondrous pose… Oh how I adore such beautiful views, When skies hold more than the normal blues. This is another beautiful sunset photographed by my wife. She hasContinue reading “Like Lava In The Sky, A Fiery Poem”

Little Deuce Coupe, A Foto Flash Fiction

Johnny had been sitting at the old mining pits for 20 minutes now in his decked out 4×4 Jeep. The Craiglist Ad had read: Off Road Challenge Fri, 9/27 – 9PM @ the Pits Bring Your Best! So here he was waiting, 9:05 showing on the clock. He was hoping whoever posted that would haveContinue reading “Little Deuce Coupe, A Foto Flash Fiction”

What Darkness Reveals, A Thoughtful Poem

Look here at this grass, What do you see… Scattered dark bits en masse, That resemble a tree… Revealed by the darkness, Rather than light… An image in sharpness, You see it too, right? Standing over this shadow I had a thought about how not only shining light on things lets us see them butContinue reading “What Darkness Reveals, A Thoughtful Poem”

A Sheepishly Silly Post

What do you call a flock of sheep coming down a mountain headed straight for you? A Baaavalanche! Or perhaps it is a Lambpede! I saw this image and wondered if they were headed to Woolstock! Ok, ok, I know I’m not pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes here! ———————————- I wonder how many willContinue reading “A Sheepishly Silly Post”