Unlikely (poem)

Time doesn’t heal A lie oft said, For still I feel, Inside I’m dead. The loss that day, You left me here, You went your way, Made real my fear. Go on, I’m told, Find someone new, Break from the hold, Get over you. Unlikely… This is a bit different from normal and kind ofContinue reading “Unlikely (poem)”

mindescapes.net Interactive!:WordSearch

I am pleased to announce the first of a new type of content here at mindescapes.net! Well, word searches aren’t new here but now you can actually complete them on your computer, phone, or tablet. Simply go to the word search, Back to School 2019 and choose a pen color and then highlight the wordsContinue reading “mindescapes.net Interactive!:WordSearch”

Someflower (poem)

This sunflower, Is some flower, Standing eight feet tall… Bright and yellow, A happy fellow, Heralds the coming fall.   In the flower world, the lovely sunflower is a bit of a bizarre specimen. Growing to such amazing heights and providing so many seeds across their faces. Tasty and pretty, a truly wonderful plant!  Continue reading “Someflower (poem)”