Home Sweet Home, A Pleasant Poem

Home sweet home, that place to rest, Even if yours is a nest… Like this one here, perched up high, It must be nice for those that fly… Imagine now the comfort here, When ones you love are nestled near… That warming heart, and mind at ease, Sounds so nice, I’ll take one please! ThisContinue reading “Home Sweet Home, A Pleasant Poem”

Bad For Business, A Flash Fiction

Jenny had just finished setting the chairs and tables up for the new day. She wondered to herself why she even bothered but knew the answer was the same as it had always been, her grandfather needed the help at his restaurant. She knew it was pointless though and it was hard to shrug offContinue reading “Bad For Business, A Flash Fiction”

Go For The Marigold! A Summer Ending Poem

Marigolds, so colorful, Making their debut… Picturesque, wonderful, Quite a lovely view… Autumn tends to jeopardize, This solemn quiet scene… In weeks we will not recognize, As browns replace the green. Marigolds have quite a signature appearance in their yellows, oranges, and, well, golds. I’ve always enjoyed them. Have you? Fandango’s One Word Challenge: debutContinue reading “Go For The Marigold! A Summer Ending Poem”

Photo and Poem, Resplendent

Knowledge of life, encoded within, About to be carried on these particles thin… Spread about by indifferent breezes, Forceful gusts like so many sneezes… Poised for now, where once was a bloom, In days nearby, this fluff starts to zoom… And though it will seem a beauty lost, The future sprouts, more than make upContinue reading “Photo and Poem, Resplendent”