Free To Flutter, A Brief Poem

On jittery, flittery wings, This butterfly lands and it clings, To a welcoming purple-ly bloom, Now resting ’til flight must resume, To be free to just flutter around, Like this butterlfy making no sound, Would be quite the relished retreat, But, alas, we’ve not wings, only feet. ——————- Another photo of the Monarch butterflies inContinue reading “Free To Flutter, A Brief Poem”

Butterfly Frustrations, A Flitting Poem

Butterfly so filled with hunger, Flits from bloom to bloom… Wary of each move I make, My camera needs more zoom… I try to capture better poses, Yet my fortunes fade… With wistful glances I give in, And instead write this tirade. I tried to capture several photographs of butterflies the other day with nothingContinue reading “Butterfly Frustrations, A Flitting Poem”

A Pretty Moth and Solem Poem, Read and Relax

A pretty moth, Some blades of green… This image doth, Invoke serene… A quiet place, In restful hearts… A solemn pace, Where stress departs. I hope the slow relaxing pace of this poem has helped you let some stresses go. Rest and have a great afternoon! James Sponseller – – 2019