What’s Good For The Goose, A Restive Poem

When walking they waddle, but now lie here still, These geese nestled soundly on this tiny hill… Resting up now for their upcoming trip, A straight trek due south as the temperatures dip… For now they seem to be enjoying the day, Probably hoping that trip‘s still far away. I suppose instead of the lightContinue reading “What’s Good For The Goose, A Restive Poem”

Birds of a Feather Flocking Poem

Gregarious, Birds of a feather… Flying straight south, A flock together… No room for others, Not even some ducks… Nor any raptors, And nothing that clucks! I always enjoy watching the geese fly by in the spring and fall with their effective and very recognizable ‘V’ pattern. Though I wish they wouldn’t stay so muchContinue reading “Birds of a Feather Flocking Poem”

Scene: Safety in Numbers

[Begin scene] A calm pond on a cool crisp autumn morning… Gliding on the water, gathered close, a large flock of geese… What would appear as┬árisky┬ábehavior, swimming in such an open space, is made less so by being in large numbers… Many pairs of watchful eyes scan the shoreline for any signs of danger… AContinue reading “Scene: Safety in Numbers”