Toadstool Twins (poem)

One outgoing, one hides behind, These toadstool twins together shine… Umbrellas of another kind, A beauty of their own define… So worry not, if you stare, We understand, we do it too… And when you’re done do freely share, To others who’d enjoy the view. I know several of my readers prefer the photos andContinue reading “Toadstool Twins (poem)”

Halloween Challenge, Day 21: Goblin Rough-Up (story)

“Yo Leo, seems Jim here needs a lesson on paying up!”, I heard from over my shoulder. I turned around from the computer to see two goblins glaring at me, one tapping a bat in the palm of his hand. I’m not sure how they got into the room, the door hadn’t been opened. “Wait!”,Continue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 21: Goblin Rough-Up (story)”

Halloween Challenge, Day 20: The Witch (poem)

A regular morning, head off to work, Yell at the traffic, some people are jerks… Once in the office, looking about, See Geraldine and I give a shout… Surrounding her cube is a low smokey haze, The logs of a fire are set ablaze… Over the fire a culdron is hanging, Stirring the pot sheContinue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 20: The Witch (poem)”