The Full Moon Rises, A Foto Flash Fiction

The rays of the moon beamed through the slats of the barn siding where Simon had chained himself once again. He could not be allowed to hurt anyone else and he knew of no way to end this curse, save death. He had too much hope for that. The transformation took him, snarling in painContinue reading “The Full Moon Rises, A Foto Flash Fiction”

Halloween Challenge, Day 31! The Creature Within (poem)

Halloween is now here, over soon though I fear, But before it does go, better I think to show, What lurks deep within, kind of my evil twin, The creature I hide, harbor to its dark side, Now the moon is quite full, this other half makes me whole, I let out a deep howl,Continue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 31! The Creature Within (poem)”

Halloween Challenge, Day 19: Werewolf (story)

A few weeks ago, on a beautiful autumn evening, my wife and I were out walking along the woods at the edge of town. The air was crisp and carried along on a nice gentle breeze. The setting sun was casting beautiful golden orange rays on the trees whose leaves were shining cheerfully in theContinue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 19: Werewolf (story)”