Toadstool Twins (poem)

One outgoing, one hides behind, These toadstool twins together shine… Umbrellas of another kind, A beauty of their own define… So worry not, if you stare, We understand, we do it too… And when you’re done do freely share, To others who’d enjoy the view. I know several of my readers prefer the photos andContinue reading “Toadstool Twins (poem)”

Guilded Dome (poem)

Rounded top above the ground, Colored orange and gold… Polka dots, all spread around, White stem provides its hold… Emerging growth, quite a sight, Nestled near the trunk… Popped up here, over one night, A scintillating spunk! © 2018 – James Sponseller – Word of the Day Challenge: Scintillating

Piture of the Day: Toadstool

This light tan toadstool growing within the verdant grass makes me think of a hut built deep within the jungle. That makes my mind work on all kind of questions. Who would live in it? What would they be like? How do they survive? Then I get an urge to start building a story toContinue reading “Piture of the Day: Toadstool”