Halloween Challenge, Day 28: One Bright Day (story)

One bright day, in the middle of the night, as the sun rose over the horizon, I was abruptly awakened by a knock on the door. I looked over at the clock which displayed 3:21 a.m. in bright ominously red numbers. A count down, but to what? And who would be knocking on the doorContinue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 28: One Bright Day (story)”

Halloween Challenge, Day 27: Fire Within (poem)

A pumpkin with a carved in face, A dark and empty husk… Light a candle, inside it place, About the fall of dusk… The fire within, a life now made, A kind and gentle soul… A smile shown that will not fade, And makes the lantern whole. I had to think about the last severalContinue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 27: Fire Within (poem)”

Halloween Challenge, Day 26: Mirror, Mirror (story)

On a stand in the corner of the bedroom is a full length mirror. Usually I don’t pay it much attention, it’s my wife’s and I seldom have reason to look in it.  In the dead of night a few days back, however, the mirror began glowing with an eerie light, waking me up. ItContinue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 26: Mirror, Mirror (story)”

Halloween A Year Past, Another 7 Days (collection)

One of the things I enjoy about some of the content I create is that it is timeless, as enjoyable now as when it was first unveiled to the world. This post compiles a collection of the Halloween Challenge posts I published for 2017, entries 19 through 25. I hope you enjoy them! Here isContinue reading “Halloween A Year Past, Another 7 Days (collection)”