Toadstool Twins (poem)

One outgoing, one hides behind, These toadstool twins together shine… Umbrellas of another kind, A beauty of their own define… So worry not, if you stare, We understand, we do it too… And when you’re done do freely share, To others who’d enjoy the view. I know several of my readers prefer the photos andContinue reading “Toadstool Twins (poem)”

Christmas Challenge, Weekish #1 Round-up!

Thanks to everyone who has been reading, commenting, sharing, and participating in the 2017 Christmas Challenge here at! This is the first round-up post to highlight all the participants so far and covers days 1 through 9. Day 1 – Journey: Dark Christmas – Journey ( Journey To Bethlehem ( Christmas Challenge: Journey ( reading “Christmas Challenge, Weekish #1 Round-up!”