Poetry: Ode to Moon

Golden moon oh how you glow, Your bloom of light shines cross the night… Lighting up the ground below, Revealing such an awesome sight… Keeping dark from grabbing hold, You guide us till the morning light… Each month you’re there through times untold, Your presence brings us much delight… So as you set another time,Continue reading “Poetry: Ode to Moon”

Halloween Challenge: Moon

Here is day 25 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Moon [Begin scene] The man in the moon looks down from the sky, From this vantage point he begins to cry…   Why are they hurtful, why are they so mean, These people of Earth, yes lots I have seen…   Somewhere among them I long to find, AllContinue reading “Halloween Challenge: Moon”

Halloween Challenge: Broom

The challenge prompt for day 13 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge is “broom”  Here we go!   [Begin Scene] A witch flies across the sky on her broom, Cloaked in the darkness of night…   Visible only when in front of the moon, on her way to give someone a fright! [End Scene]   Have a fun Friday!!  Continue reading “Halloween Challenge: Broom”