Flowers Again, A Sunday Photo Fiction

Flowers again. Oh what did he do now? Judy thought to herself. Anytime her husband John bought her flowers, it always came with some confession. This time sunflowers, her favorite, were sitting on the table when she came home from work. He really must have done something serious but he was nowhere to be found.Continue reading “Flowers Again, A Sunday Photo Fiction”

Field of Flowers (poem)

Field of flowers, field of dreams, Basking in the sun… Bright and yellow, petals gleam, Gracing every one… So much beauty in one place, Such an awesome view… Soon to leave without a trace, That’s just what flowers do. Brighten your room with sunflower decorations from Amazon!* © 2018 – James Sponseller – [*Continue reading “Field of Flowers (poem)”

Poetry: Sunflower Sunset

Sunflower here, sunset is near, A pleasant view, the sky is so clear… Stretching up tall, nearly alone, So full and bright, these petals have grown… Without judgement, rectitude none, Soaking up rays, a day nearly done… Moment of peace, busy life’s balm, Relish and keep, this feeling of calm. © 2018 James Sponseller –Continue reading “Poetry: Sunflower Sunset”

Scene: Sunflowers Stand Tall

[Begin scene] A peaceful garden is host to an orderly row of sunflowers… Bright yellow petals form miniature suns on display for all to see… Green leafy stalks strecth towards the sky as if trying to put these “suns” in their proper place… The centers a mass of seeds inviting nearby birds and squirrels inContinue reading “Scene: Sunflowers Stand Tall”