A Mindful Remedy (scene)

[Begin scene] In a bright blue sky on a lazy afternoon hover puffy white clouds over a scenic view… Floating along care free, taking shape where it suits them, enough just to be… To watch them and ponder what would it be like, to glide along with the breeze… Above it all, away from theContinue reading “A Mindful Remedy (scene)”

Ode to Mushrooms (poem)

Mushrooms taste so wonderfully good, We add them to everything we possibly could… They spruce up some rice, and smother the chicken, So tastefully making each dish finger lickin… They’re one thing we buy on each grocery trip, As both me and my wife think think they’re totally hip… I know they deserve more wonderfulContinue reading “Ode to Mushrooms (poem)”

MNM: Colorful Remedy

The inkling of color in a violet bloom, Enough to lift deep winter’s gloom…   To see the vibrant colors of life, Eases the ills of cold snowy strife…   So glad am I to have it close by, To lift my spirit when it catches my eye.     Just a Monday Night Memory(MNM)Continue reading “MNM: Colorful Remedy”

Poetry: Budding Anticipation

Redolent blooms,tucked in tight, Buds of anticipation… Nearly here, such a sight, Caught in trepidation… Will they bloom or fall off soon, I really want to know… The waiting game can make one loon, Staying tuned for one great show! © 2018 – James Sponseller – mindescapes.net Need inspiration? Check out Word of the DayContinue reading “Poetry: Budding Anticipation”