Nestled in Comfort (scene)

[Begin scene] A bold blue sky on a warm afternoon… A growing season ended, the seeds of next season ready to spread… The hillside covered in plants, now drying in the autumn sun… Fluffy white down and stalks for building… Read More ›


Poetry: Ode to Moon

Golden moon oh how you glow, Your bloom of light shines cross the night… Lighting up the ground below, Revealing such an awesome sight… Keeping dark from grabbing hold, You guide us till the morning light… Each month you’re there… Read More ›


Clear your mind, read the description slowly, and let your imagination unfold and paint your mental canvas… [Begin scene] A late evening sun…. Eclipsed by rolling hills…. Vibrant reds surround the bright orange sphere… Pink puffy clouds wisp softly by…… Read More ›