Field of Flowers (poem)

Field of flowers, field of dreams, Basking in the sun… Bright and yellow, petals gleam, Gracing every one… So much beauty in one place, Such an awesome view… Soon to leave without a trace, That’s just what flowers do. Brighten your room with sunflower decorations from Amazon!* © 2018 – James Sponseller – [*Continue reading “Field of Flowers (poem)”

Just a Memory (poem)

I look outside, the world’s gone gray, Not long ago was a summer day… We’d seek the shade beneath a tree, But now there’s just that memory… Captured here for all to share, To cling to as the world goes bare. Feeling a bit taciturn today. It is rainy, chilly, and gray outside and IContinue reading “Just a Memory (poem)”

Seasons End (poem)

Corn is standing tall, Color fades away… Sun begins to fall, Casts its golden rays… Leaves are turning brown, Stalks are showing age… The chapter winding down, Another turn of page… One day snow will come, Truly mark the day… This season now is done, It slowly fades away. I always lament a bit atContinue reading “Seasons End (poem)”