A Failed Poem Challenge

I was browsing through my reader feed here and happened upon The Weekly Terrible Poetry Challenge entry by pensitivity101. It appears that the topic this week for the non-rhyming poetry contest is “second hand shopping”. Go ahead and check that out, this may make more sense after. Anyway, while I was reading that I decidedContinue reading “A Failed Poem Challenge”

Unlikely (poem)

Time doesn’t heal A lie oft said, For still I feel, Inside I’m dead. The loss that day, You left me here, You went your way, Made real my fear. Go on, I’m told, Find someone new, Break from the hold, Get over you. Unlikely… This is a bit different from normal and kind ofContinue reading “Unlikely (poem)”

Elegant Icing (poem)

Elegant icing on this tree, Lit with sunlight, a sight to see… Shimmers and shines before my eyes, Dancing with light, does mesmerize… Already the ice, is weeping fast, A shame such a scene just will not last. I always enjoy the view of iced trees shining brightly in the sun. * Monday Motivation- “SometimesContinue reading “Elegant Icing (poem)”