Motivational poem for the underdog

Underdog, Get no respect… Fight the slog, Go be direct… Triumph waits, You can prevail… Strength in traits, New heights you’ll sail… Then one day, Once clears the fog, They will say, No underdog. Being the underdog just means you have to work that much harder to overcome and succeed. Thank you to Skitterphoto @Continue reading “Motivational poem for the underdog”

Elegant Icing (poem)

Elegant icing on this tree, Lit with sunlight, a sight to see… Shimmers and shines before my eyes, Dancing with light, does mesmerize… Already the ice, is weeping fast, A shame such a scene just will not last. I always enjoy the view of iced trees shining brightly in the sun. * Monday Motivation- “SometimesContinue reading “Elegant Icing (poem)”