Summer’s Morn, A Poem

Summer’s morn, slight haze in the air, golden rays shining through out… Breezes warm, this moment to share, peacefulness spreading about… Pleasure born, now feeling aware, time for the daily grind route. I find it hard to believe that August is already ending. What a crazy year this has been. I captured this serene photoContinue reading “Summer’s Morn, A Poem”

Elegant Icing (poem)

Elegant icing on this tree, Lit with sunlight, a sight to see… Shimmers and shines before my eyes, Dancing with light, does mesmerize… Already the ice, is weeping fast, A shame such a scene just will not last. I always enjoy the view of iced trees shining brightly in the sun. * Monday Motivation- “SometimesContinue reading “Elegant Icing (poem)”

Morning Musing : Raindrops (poem)

Rain drops on the window, A sound like tiny drums… Letting all inside know, By their incessant hums… The day you have ahead, Is filled with gloom and gray… So maybe stay in bed, Until it goes away. Just a little diddy of a poem this morning as I am listening to the rain outsideContinue reading “Morning Musing : Raindrops (poem)”