A Failed Poem Challenge

I was browsing through my reader feed here and happened upon The Weekly Terrible Poetry Challenge entry by pensitivity101.

It appears that the topic this week for the non-rhyming poetry contest is “second hand shopping”.

Go ahead and check that out, this may make more sense after.

Anyway, while I was reading that I decided I liked rhyming enough that this popped into my head…

I don’t know if I’ll like it,

I don’t know that I can…

Write without some rhyming,

About shopping second hand…

Oh now I’ve gone and done it,

I broke the challenge art,

Should have listened when I thought,

I shouldn’t even start…

I wonder now what happens,

Is there any way to mend…

Or have I just set into play,

The beginnings of my end?!


OK, a bit off topic. I actually think the original challenge by Chelsea Owens is interesting and I may give it a serious attempt as it would expand my horizons you might say.


Thank you for reading!


Jim Sponseller – mindescapes.net – 2019


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