Unlikely (poem)

Time doesn’t heal

A lie oft said,

For still I feel,

Inside I’m dead.

The loss that day,

You left me here,

You went your way,

Made real my fear.

Go on, I’m told,

Find someone new,

Break from the hold,

Get over you.


This is a bit different from normal and kind of just rolled out into this post. I had originally started with the thought of an unlikely gem within but as words started to flow they took a much different course.

For those in a place like this, while time doesn’t truly heal, usually the feelings lose their intensity and there is a bright world out there to move on into. Always possible for a brighter tomorrow!

Word of the Day Challenge: Unlikely

Thanks to geralt @ pixabay for the tree image!

Jim Sponseller – mindescapes.net – 2019

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One thought on “Unlikely (poem)

  1. I like that you say time doesn’t truly heal. I think too often we just say “get on with it”. And while tomorrow is another day, It’s ok to remember.

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