Initial Morning Rays, A Petally Poem

Initial light of the day reveals, this petal menagerie… So varied and sweet, these flowers look neat… Here drinking the mornings rays. Another set of snap dragons in our back garden. I really think these are beautiful with the range of variation in the petals. I tend to prefer that over solid color blooms mostContinue reading “Initial Morning Rays, A Petally Poem”

Read This Quirky Perspective Poem On Autumn

Autumn fights the good fight, Brings us liberation here… Allowing us to unite, Showing all our colors clear… No more green oppression, To assimilate is past… So bolden your expression, Let your beauty shine at last… Now join me nearby friends, As autumn makes its way to you… Let us show the world together, HowContinue reading “Read This Quirky Perspective Poem On Autumn”

Gourd-geous October (photos)

We went to a pumpkin patch yesterday and they had quite the variety of gourds available along with all the pumpkins. Here are a few of the photos I thought you might like to see. Quite the variety in shapes and colors! Here a pumpkin, there a pumpkin… It was a pretty nice farm withContinue reading “Gourd-geous October (photos)”