Gourd-geous October (photos)

We went to a pumpkin patch yesterday and they had quite the variety of gourds available along with all the pumpkins. Here are a few of the photos I thought you might like to see. Quite the variety in shapes and colors! Here a pumpkin, there a pumpkin… It was a pretty nice farm withContinue reading “Gourd-geous October (photos)”

Plant’s Duress (poem)

Summers end, plant’s duress, Turning red from all the stress… Time is near for leaves to fall, Bright colors first will change them all… Look forward to this change in hue, It really makes for quite the view… A time of year for plants to shine, When all the green is left behind. © 2018Continue reading “Plant’s Duress (poem)”

Scene: Autumn Ablaze

  [Begin scene] Across a small pond stands a pair of trees… A matching green in summer, they now reveal their differences, adorned in fresh autumn colors… One tree now dazzles in vibrant reds, the other, not to be outdone, shines bright in golden hues… Both set ablaze by the orange rays of the nowContinue reading “Scene: Autumn Ablaze”