Read This Quirky Perspective Poem On Autumn

Autumn fights the good fight,

Brings us liberation here…

Allowing us to unite,

Showing all our colors clear…

No more green oppression,

To assimilate is past…

So bolden your expression,

Let your beauty shine at last…

Now join me nearby friends,

As autumn makes its way to you…

Let us show the world together,

How we make a lovely view!

Yeah, a bit of an odd perspective on the changing colors of autumn. I was thinking of the process and how chlorophyll retreats back into the tree, and the thought ‘retreat’ led to visions of armies along with the two word prompts I used today and thus this poem was born. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it! Have a great day!

Word of the Day Challenge: Unite

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: assimilate

James Sponseller – – 2019

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