Gourd-geous October (photos)

We went to a pumpkin patch yesterday and they had quite the variety of gourds available along with all the pumpkins. Here are a few of the photos I thought you might like to see. Quite the variety in shapes and colors! Here a pumpkin, there a pumpkin… It was a pretty nice farm withContinue reading “Gourd-geous October (photos)”

Halloween Challenge: Decorations

Here is day 21 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Decorations. This one also could be used for day 1 as one of my more favored decorations just happens to be pumpkins and Jack O’Lanterns.   [Begin scene] Very many options there are, With a pumpkin to decorate… I’d say that they raise the bar, Just what funContinue reading “Halloween Challenge: Decorations”

Scene: Fall Fields

[Begin scene] A country hillside, fall colors around… A field of golden corn stalks stretch forth towards the left… The yellow ears showing their grain within, while tassles wave in the wind… A wooden fence follows a dirt path defining the edge of the field… The other side host to a pumpkin patch, green leavesContinue reading “Scene: Fall Fields”