Summer’s Morn, A Poem

Summer’s morn, slight haze in the air, golden rays shining through out… Breezes warm, this moment to share, peacefulness spreading about… Pleasure born, now feeling aware, time for the daily grind route. I find it hard to believe that August is already ending. What a crazy year this has been. I captured this serene photoContinue reading “Summer’s Morn, A Poem”

Scene: Fresh Snow

[Begin scene] The world bright yet nearly colorless, earth tones hidden beneath a blanket of fresh white snow… Bits of blue escape through the clouds, hinting at the somber sky beyond… Shadows dance and play on the ground turned canvas, here to¬†entertain… The show, one of silence, as the snow muffles natures sounds… #peaceful blissContinue reading “Scene: Fresh Snow”

Scene: Morning Frost

[Begin scene] A bright, brisk morning, the early sun gives the frosted blades of grass a slight¬†sparkle… The blue sky, spanned by clouds, reflected in the calm, still pond… A family of geese glide silently through the water… A distant farm, not yet bustling with activity, just emerging from sleep to start the day. Quiet,Continue reading “Scene: Morning Frost”

Thankful For: Quiet Nights

Each day up to and including Thanksgiving I will post about one thing I am thankful for. I invite you to do the same if you like the idea. Today, I am thankful for quiet nights. After a busy day, one of my favorite things is a quiet and peaceful night. In the evening, IContinue reading “Thankful For: Quiet Nights”