Scene: Fresh Snow

[Begin scene] The world bright yet nearly colorless, earth tones hidden beneath a blanket of fresh white snow… Bits of blue escape through the clouds, hinting at the somber sky beyond… Shadows dance and play on the ground turned canvas,… Read More ›


Scene: Morning Frost

[Begin scene] A bright, brisk morning, the early sun gives the frosted blades of grass a slight sparkle… The blue sky, spanned by clouds, reflected in the calm, still pond… A family of geese glide silently through the water… A distant… Read More ›

Scene: Fading Fall

[Begin scene] The sun emerges from behind rain clouds just before dusk, casting a farewell salute to the fading day… The yellow orange rays caress the damp yellow leaves of a fall tree, bathing it with a soft glow throughout…… Read More ›