Poetry: Serenely Poised

Serenely poised pods of life, Cling to their host pine… Potecting seeds, safe from strife, Quite a nice design… Dangling here these little cones, Offer quite a scene… Tanish brown in softer tones, Against a bed of green. © 2018… Read More ›

Poetry: Snow White

Snow white petals, like a fan, Grace the blooms around… Open broadly, nature’ s plan, Welcome scents abound… Red tipped stamen, contrast well, The petals of the scene… Bunched together, they compel, A beauty quite serene. © 2018 – James… Read More ›

Scene: Morning Frost

[Begin scene] A bright, brisk morning, the early sun gives the frosted blades of grass a slight sparkle… The blue sky, spanned by clouds, reflected in the calm, still pond… A family of geese glide silently through the water… A distant… Read More ›

Scene: Picturesque Pine

[Begin scene] The day is nearly calm, only a slight breeze stirs… Branches full of green needles sway gently, elastic in being… The long soft needles swaying with the branches to which they belong… Light streams through the needles showing… Read More ›