Moday Memory: Reflections of Paradise (scene)

[Begin scene] A vision filled with soft pinks and blues… Water so still, its surface a one-way mirror… Reflections of paradise above magnify the beauty… A sight of calm, such a pleasure to behold. [End scene] ¬© 2018 – James Sponseller – (Repost from November 28, 2017)

Scene: Fresh Snow

[Begin scene] The world bright yet nearly colorless, earth tones hidden beneath a blanket of fresh white snow… Bits of blue escape through the clouds, hinting at the somber sky beyond… Shadows dance and play on the ground turned canvas, here to¬†entertain… The show, one of silence, as the snow muffles natures sounds… #peaceful blissContinue reading “Scene: Fresh Snow”

Scene: Better Together

[Begin scene] Potted flowers display vibrant blooms in pinks and violets, the veins bolder than their surrounding petals… An oak seedling stretches forth from behind the petals, adding solid greens to the mix, a leaf turned up as if waving to the crowd… Clover, sporting its traditional three leaf patterns, blanket the soil just belowContinue reading “Scene: Better Together”

Scene: Red Balloon

  Relax, clear your mind and imagine [Begin scene] Afloat, aloft, in a beautiful sky, Climbs a small red balloon, up very high…   From this vantage point, he can clearly see, The outstretched arm, of a toddler of three…   ‘Twas there he started this journey away, No way to return and no wayContinue reading “Scene: Red Balloon”