A Mindful Remedy (scene)

[Begin scene] In a bright blue sky on a lazy afternoon hover puffy white clouds over a scenic view… Floating along care free, taking shape where it suits them, enough just to be… To watch them and ponder what would it be like, to glide along with the breeze… Above it all, away from theContinue reading “A Mindful Remedy (scene)”

Scene: Fresh Snow

[Begin scene] The world bright yet nearly colorless, earth tones hidden beneath a blanket of fresh white snow… Bits of blue escape through the clouds, hinting at the somber sky beyond… Shadows dance and play on the ground turned canvas, here to entertain… The show, one of silence, as the snow muffles natures sounds… #peaceful blissContinue reading “Scene: Fresh Snow”

Scene: Varnishable View

[Begin scene] A quiet day approaches its end… The setting sun sets the sky ablaze… Red, orange, yellow, like liquid fire spanning across the horizon… A view you would love to varnish and keep forever, the beauty in your mind. [End scene]   © 2017 – James Sponseller – mindescapes.net  

Scene: Frosting

[Begin scene] A chilled morning, an ideal place for frost… The frosted glass table sits quietly, freezing in the crisp air… Upon it a leaf, taking on the color of copper patina, its edges highlighted by a light frosting… The scene frozen, awaiting the sun beams that will soon bring warmth, erasing this beautiful moment, replacingContinue reading “Scene: Frosting”