A Mindful Remedy (scene)

[Begin scene] In a bright blue sky on a lazy afternoon hover puffy white clouds over a scenic view… Floating along care free, taking shape where it suits them, enough just to be… To watch them and ponder what would… Read More ›

Scene: Fresh Snow

[Begin scene] The world bright yet nearly colorless, earth tones hidden beneath a blanket of fresh white snow… Bits of blue escape through the clouds, hinting at the somber sky beyond… Shadows dance and play on the ground turned canvas,… Read More ›

Scene: Frosting

[Begin scene] A chilled morning, an ideal place for frost… The frosted glass table sits quietly, freezing in the crisp air… Upon it a leaf, taking on the color of copperĀ patina, its edges highlighted by a light frosting… The scene… Read More ›