One More Morning

Thank you, God, for one more morning. One more smile from my wife… Thank you for the little things that make a fulfilling life… Thank you for the laughter, as I watch my children play… Yes, thank you, Lord, for giving me another hopeful day. May you have a wonderful day with plenty to beContinue reading “One More Morning”

Friday Flashback, November 8th, 2017

I decided to participate in the Friday Flashback concept that Fandango over at This, That, and the Other has been hosting, where you present a post from the same date of a prior year. For this week I have chosen a post from 2017. That year for the month of November I was writing aContinue reading “Friday Flashback, November 8th, 2017”

Thankful For: My Wife

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! As Thanksgiving is here, this is the last of the Thankful For series posts for 2017, and I have saved what I am most thankful for: my wife. My wife and I have been married 3 years and 5 months now and it has been an amazing time. She is so veryContinue reading “Thankful For: My Wife”

Thankful For: Relaxing Massages

Each day up to and including Thanksgiving I will post about one thing I am thankful for. I invite you to do the same if you like the idea. Today, I am thankful for relaxing massages. When I am all tensed up from stressful times and knots in my back and shoulders have me beggingContinue reading “Thankful For: Relaxing Massages”