The Cemetery, A Twittering Tale For Monstrous Halloween

Sally hated walking past the cemetery at night but sometimes life made it necessary. Like tonight, when she missed the last bus home. It wasn’t a long walk, just creepy. She was halfway past when the ground at the cemetery’s edge burst open and out poured a stream of ghosts. Boo! ———————— 280 characters. WrittenContinue reading “The Cemetery, A Twittering Tale For Monstrous Halloween”

Add Your Touch, A Flash Fiction

The community “Add Your Touch” sand drawing event was considered a success for being in it’s first year. Each of the eight participants, ages ranging from 6 to 84 years old, added their own element to the picture creating this final masterpiece. I, Stanley Wrightmoor, was there to witness this event and interview the artistsContinue reading “Add Your Touch, A Flash Fiction”

Flowers Again, A Sunday Photo Fiction

Flowers again. Oh what did he do now? Judy thought to herself. Anytime her husband John bought her flowers, it always came with some confession. This time sunflowers, her favorite, were sitting on the table when she came home from work. He really must have done something serious but he was nowhere to be found.Continue reading “Flowers Again, A Sunday Photo Fiction”

Blood Moon Rising, Monstrous Halloween

“THE END IS NEAR!” A sign exclaimed worn by a gruff looking man shuffling down the road. We were driving home from an early Halloween party, dusk just settling in. Rising into the sky was the full moon, the full blood red moon. “Why’s the moon red, Dad?”, my young son asked from the backContinue reading “Blood Moon Rising, Monstrous Halloween”