Add Your Touch, A Flash Fiction

The community “Add Your Touch” sand drawing event was considered a success for being in it’s first year. Each of the eight participants, ages ranging from 6 to 84 years old, added their own element to the picture creating this final masterpiece.

I, Stanley Wrightmoor, was there to witness this event and interview the artists on site. I asked each of them what they added and why. Let’s see what they had to say!

Betty, 84 – I drew the sun. Without it none of us would be here and who doesn’t like a happy sun in any picture?

Brad, 61 – I added the house. It resembles the house that our family calls home.

Suzy, 59 – I added Dad, the man there on the right. I know he would have wanted to be here, but he passed this spring.

Cheryl, 38 – The sky needed some clouds,like in Heaven with my grandfather, so those were my contribution. We miss him so much!

Bobby, 17 – I added the Benjamin Franklin on the left because I just got some “Benjamins” from my first job!

Michael, 11 – I added the other planets in our solar system. I just had to do a report on the planets and dwarf planets, see that little circle right there? That’s Pluto.

Sally, 7 – I drew the kitty cat. I like kitty cats.

Sam, 6 – I drew the dog to chase Sally’s cat away. She’s my sister and I like dogs better!

Well there you have it, folks. The exciting details of this year’s “Add Your Touch” sand drawing event. We’ll be sure to follow this exciting event in the future.

Signing out, Stanley Wrightmoor.


Fun with Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #38 in 300 words or less (276 words)

I hope you enjoyed your peek at this imagined family oriented event inspired by the photo prompt from Fandango.

Have a great day!

Jim Sponseller – – 2019

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