Happy Father’s Day 2021!

Happy Father’s Day to the many fathers in the world! I have been enjoying the wonderful state of fatherhood myself! The photo above I snapped during a family hike at Cook Forest, PA just this week leading up to Father’s Day. My family brings me so much joy! Thanks for stopping by and have aContinue reading “Happy Father’s Day 2021!”

Add Your Touch, A Flash Fiction

The community “Add Your Touch” sand drawing event was considered a success for being in it’s first year. Each of the eight participants, ages ranging from 6 to 84 years old, added their own element to the picture creating this final masterpiece. I, Stanley Wrightmoor, was there to witness this event and interview the artistsContinue reading “Add Your Touch, A Flash Fiction”

Ode to Mushrooms (poem)

Mushrooms taste so wonderfully good, We add them to everything we possibly could… They spruce up some rice, and smother the chicken, So tastefully making each dish finger lickin… They’re one thing we buy on each grocery trip, As both me and my wife think think they’re totally hip… I know they deserve more wonderfulContinue reading “Ode to Mushrooms (poem)”