The Elemental Trials, #writephoto

The wizarding proctor watched closely as the elemental of fire struggled hard to take shape, fighting against Angela’s spell of dowsing. This was her third elemental of the trials and was proving to be her most difficult. She was not particularly skilled in the water spells needed to counter this being and it showed. TheContinue reading “The Elemental Trials, #writephoto”

Can I Ride Your Pony?, A Flash Fiction

“Can I ride your pony?”, asked the little girl. “Excuse me? Little girl, this is no pony. I’ll have you know this is one of the finest horse specimen in Europe.”, the officer replied. “And we do not give rides.”, he added. “She sure is a pretty pony.”, the girl went on, “Daddy says I’mContinue reading “Can I Ride Your Pony?, A Flash Fiction”

All Nighters, A Twittering Tale

Sunlight streamed into the studio. Morning was here. This was the third all nighter in a row for Franz and it had finally paid off. His term paper was actually done. He would graduate after all but first, he needed some coffee. ————————– 228 characters I remember those days. Mostly I remember actually being ableContinue reading “All Nighters, A Twittering Tale”

Deals With Grim, A Rhyming Monstrousity

Listen close, a tale I have, you’ll want to hear it through, I think it may, just might one day, also save you too, You see it happened, the other night, the ghost of death he came, Grim Reaper himself, my soul to take, I offered him a game, We played it quick, victor IContinue reading “Deals With Grim, A Rhyming Monstrousity”