Poet the Pirate’s Outrageous Poem

Yo ho, me mateys, have I a tale, Lean back n’grab ye some rum or ale… It shan’t take long, I’ll be right smart, Arrr, here we go, me’s at the start… T’were quite the night, on the briny deep, Them waves been rough, we’d not had sleep… From somewhere right close, we heard quiteContinue reading “Poet the Pirate’s Outrageous Poem”

Talk Like a Pirate Day (poem)

Shiver me timbers, how could it be? Missed me day, ’twas out at sea… Worry ye not fer I came just to blather, Come over closer or not if ye’d rather… Nary came back, twas a treacherous gale, Broke down me mast and ripped through me sail… Me crew and me thought we’d bested theContinue reading “Talk Like a Pirate Day (poem)”

Scene: Talk Like a Pirate Day

  Arrr, welcome aboard MindEscapes. Get ye ready fer a grand Tale! [Begin scene] We were a cursed sittin’ still in ye vast ocean… Becalmed we were, adrift with the sea… Twas then that the cold wind a started blowin’… Spooked us all, the way it just come up like that… Then it rose, rightContinue reading “Scene: Talk Like a Pirate Day”