Just Chillin, A Fandango Flash Fiction

“Back again, Phil?”, the bartender asked as the chimpanzee entered the bar. “You know how much I love open mic night, Mickey”, said Phil, “It really helps me relax after a long shift at the lab.” “Did they ever get approval for that new cancer treatment?”, Mickey asked. “Not yet, but I sure hope it’sContinue reading “Just Chillin, A Fandango Flash Fiction”

Scarecrows At Play, A Sunday Photo Fiction Rhyme

Sun is fading fast, All the scarecrows now relax, Step down from their poles, Time to have a blast, While the sun is gone they play, Running out amongst the hay, Acting out some other roles, Till the sunrise of next day, Would invite you to the fun, But they fear you’d only run, ThatContinue reading “Scarecrows At Play, A Sunday Photo Fiction Rhyme”

The Cemetery, A Twittering Tale For Monstrous Halloween

Sally hated walking past the cemetery at night but sometimes life made it necessary. Like tonight, when she missed the last bus home. It wasn’t a long walk, just creepy. She was halfway past when the ground at the cemetery’s edge burst open and out poured a stream of ghosts. Boo! ———————— 280 characters. WrittenContinue reading “The Cemetery, A Twittering Tale For Monstrous Halloween”

Add Your Touch, A Flash Fiction

The community “Add Your Touch” sand drawing event was considered a success for being in it’s first year. Each of the eight participants, ages ranging from 6 to 84 years old, added their own element to the picture creating this final masterpiece. I, Stanley Wrightmoor, was there to witness this event and interview the artistsContinue reading “Add Your Touch, A Flash Fiction”