Just Chillin, A Fandango Flash Fiction

“Back again, Phil?”, the bartender asked as the chimpanzee entered the bar.

“You know how much I love open mic night, Mickey”, said Phil, “It really helps me relax after a long shift at the lab.”

“Did they ever get approval for that new cancer treatment?”, Mickey asked.

“Not yet, but I sure hope it’s approved soon. My arm can’t take many more injections. It’s really been affecting my vibe up there too.”, Phil said, pointing at the stage.

Mickey nodded knowingly, “Well, it’s been a bit quiet here. Tonight Phil, the stage is yours. Feel free to crank up the volume.”


Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #39 and Fandango’s One Word Challenge: volume

Chimpanzee strumming a guitar image by Papafox @ pixabay.com

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Jim Sponseller – mindescapes.net – 2019

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