Halloween Challenge: Broom

The challenge prompt for day 13 of JNW’s Halloween Challenge is “broom”  Here we go!   [Begin Scene] A witch flies across the sky on her broom, Cloaked in the darkness of night…   Visible only when in front of the moon, on her way to give someone a fright! [End Scene]   Have a fun Friday!!  Continue reading “Halloween Challenge: Broom”

Halloween Challenge: Hayride

For today’s challenge of JNW’s Halloween Challenge – Day 11 – Hayride, I decided to try another Haiku. I hope you enjoy!   [Begin scene] A horse drawn hayride, Such a fun fall time event, Ink stains on his face. [End scene]     I don’t know if the picture helps or takes away from the Haiku.Continue reading “Halloween Challenge: Hayride”

Halloween Challenge: Party

For the Party day of JNW’s Halloween Challenge I’ve decided on a flash fiction. [Begin scene] Jones arrived at the party, not sure he should have come. Noone called him by his first name, just “Jones”, as if not caring to get to know him. Costumed as he was, it was unlikely anyone would recognize him anyway.Continue reading “Halloween Challenge: Party”