Scarecrows At Play, A Sunday Photo Fiction Rhyme

Sun is fading fast,
All the scarecrows now relax,
Step down from their poles,
Time to have a blast,

While the sun is gone they play,
Running out amongst the hay,
Acting out some other roles,
Till the sunrise of next day,

Would invite you to the fun,
But they fear you’d only run,
That the fear would take its toll,
And with scarecrows you’d be done,

So they keep unto themselves,
Finding joy just like some elves,
Of this tale, it has reached full,
For no deeper it now delves.


Bit of a whimsical fantasy for this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction.

I zoomed in on the prompt image Donna selected (courtesy of Katie S.) and see what I imagine to be scarecrows, with a sunset background led to this fun little rhyme.

I hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you for stopping in and have a great Sunday!

Jim Sponseller – – 2019

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