Do you wanna be a show-man? (blogging)

To the tune of ‘Frozen’s “Do you wanna build a snowman?”‘ Do you wanna be a showman? Everyone will know your blog, They’ll see your every post and share! But you’ll have to be a showman… Yes you’re gonna be a showman. Marketing Matters When I decided to start this blog I didn’t really understandContinue reading “Do you wanna be a show-man? (blogging)”

Advice (micro fiction)

“The next time you ask for my advice, at least pretend to follow it. I may not be able to bail you out next time!”, said his friend as they drove away from the police station. Thank you to Ichigo121212 @ pixabay for the cell image. Word of the Day Challenge: Advice Jim Sponseller –Continue reading “Advice (micro fiction)”

Most Viewed Post or Page of the Week (09/06/19)

It’s Friday (Happy Friday everyone!) and I was looking through my blog stats for the week and had a bit of a spontaneous idea to help me do better at following along with other bloggers out there. So what I would like is for you to add a link in the comments below to yourContinue reading “Most Viewed Post or Page of the Week (09/06/19)”