Short flowing poem of a firey plant

Some dragon’s breath, Springs from the ground… It flickers bright, Yet makes no sound… No dragons here, For one to see… Just bright red cheer, And spicy glee… Leaves of bright green, For added flare… Complete this scene, With time to spare. With the time left over, you may want to try the latest wordContinue reading “Short flowing poem of a firey plant”

Jump start your day with this harrowing story of escape…almost!

We prisoners, now almost free men, raced through the canyon, intent to slip from the grasp of our captors. The red shirted man, a natural leader whom we all decided to follow, waved us forward into a gully to the right. Another canyon vein and still onward we tread. We had been moving through theseContinue reading “Jump start your day with this harrowing story of escape…almost!”

Brief yet Insightful Poem about Youth and Wisdom

It oft is said, To be young again, Is a wish so very yearned… For me, instead, To be youthful, then, I could keep my wisdom learned. There is quite a difference between being young and being youthful. One can still be old and yet be youthful in many ways, such as maintaining a youthfulContinue reading “Brief yet Insightful Poem about Youth and Wisdom”