Do you wanna be a show-man? (blogging)

To the tune of ‘Frozen’s “Do you wanna build a snowman?”‘

Do you wanna be a showman?

Everyone will know your blog,

They’ll see your every post and share!

But you’ll have to be a showman…

Yes you’re gonna be a showman.

Marketing Matters

When I decided to start this blog I didn’t really understand just how important it is to market your content to grow your audience. Like many, I believed that if I built it, people would come. To some extent that has been true. You are here reading this and to date I have not been much like P.T. Barnum in the traits of a showman. He was able to put on such a show that convinced others they wanted to see what he had to offer.

Now that I know I need to be more of a showman if I want my content to reach more readers, just how should I go about it? Marketing, a tactic introduced to us as children in the classic novel, “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White, is what you need to employ. After all, there wasn’t much that really was extraordinary about Wilbur the pig. But with the right message of ‘some pig’ and ‘stupendous’, among others, delivered in the right way, in the web by Charlotte, the pig came to be adored by many, including the farmer.

Marketing can be powerful. Determining the right message and the right delivery method can expand your reach to many that otherwise would not know of your existence.

The Right Message

Finding the right message can often be as straightforward as adding a few enhancing adjectives to the topic of you blog. A message of “Knitting Blog by Jane” tells others what you offer but not why they should choose to visit your blog instead of any of the other knitting blogs they may find. A better message might read “Jane’s Joyful Knitting Escapades”. This message has a bit of alliteration to tickle the tongue, expresses that the content will warm the heart, and offers a little bit of teaser that knitting is exciting. Which of those messages is more likely to pique your interest? Try pairing a few descriptive words with your own blog and post topics and see what you can come up with.

The Delivery Method

Sing loud and sing often.

Sing Loud

Each post title should employ those same ‘right message’ concepts. The title should explain to potential readers why they should want to read your post. If you look back through my post history you will see I have often failed to do this. Now that I recognize the importance of the right message I need to make use of it myself.

Sing Often

Post often and regularly. The culture today is very much in the ‘now’. In my case, a post from yesterday is old news and rarely gets stumbled on by others. Largely do to the content type. Readers are looking for fresh. There are exceptions if course, if your blog is about how to do something many people need to deal with, finance, child care, etc. Much of your audience will come from search results. But those with a more light hearted content, such as offered here at, is simply lost to the great void of the past.

I hope this post has given you some ideas on importance of marketing and how to expand your reach. If so, pass it on to your blogging friends. And remember…

Those who sing loudest often draw the largest crowds.

Jim Sponseller – – 2019

Thank you to Skitterphoto @ pixabay for the mic image.

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