In Search Of: Halloween Challenges/Prompts

Hey there readers and fellow bloggers! I am looking for someone hosting some Halloween writing prompts/challenges for this month. Have you come across any? Last year I entered the 31 Days of Halloween Challenge by Fluture. The year before that, JNW’s Halloween Challenge but neither of those blogs seem to be hosting this year. MyContinue reading “In Search Of: Halloween Challenges/Prompts”

Do you wanna be a show-man? (blogging)

To the tune of ‘Frozen’s “Do you wanna build a snowman?”‘ Do you wanna be a showman? Everyone will know your blog, They’ll see your every post and share! But you’ll have to be a showman… Yes you’re gonna be a showman. Marketing Matters When I decided to start this blog I didn’t really understandContinue reading “Do you wanna be a show-man? (blogging)”

Valuable $$ Content and You! (5 blogging tips)

One of the biggest factors to how large of an audience your blog will attract is how valuable your readers find your content to be. Everyone is aware of the adage that Time Is Money and few people will want to invest time in reading your content unless they feel equally rewarded or more forContinue reading “Valuable $$ Content and You! (5 blogging tips)”

Confessions of This First Time Blogger

I’ve been blogging at for a bit over a year now and I had never blogged prior to that nor did I engage much in other types of social media. If you were to look at my dismal stats you would realize I am definitely doing things wrong and have a lot of workContinue reading “Confessions of This First Time Blogger”