Age of Wisdom, A Poem

No need to lament, Days of youth now long gone, Or this gradual decent, From the height of your dawn, For to look back and ponder, The days of your past, How life’s events wander, Making memories that last, This life’s been well lived, Joyous times have been had, From the days as a kid,Continue reading “Age of Wisdom, A Poem”

Brief yet Insightful Poem about Youth and Wisdom

It oft is said, To be young again, Is a wish so very yearned… For me, instead, To be youthful, then, I could keep my wisdom learned. There is quite a difference between being young and being youthful. One can still be old and yet be youthful in many ways, such as maintaining a youthfulContinue reading “Brief yet Insightful Poem about Youth and Wisdom”

Halloween Challenge, Day 7: A Mummy’s Wisdom(story)

It was 9:45 a.m., October 7th, 1903 when I received the word I had been waiting for. I remember it like it was yesterday, will always remember it like yesterday, for that was the last of my days among the living. I had finally received a message from the archeologist I had been following. HeContinue reading “Halloween Challenge, Day 7: A Mummy’s Wisdom(story)”